Timeline :

S. No. Service Documents Required (Copies) Time Frame Officer Responsible to render services Officer to whom a grievance/ complaint be made in case of delay or default of service
1 Mutation Sale Deed/Will Deed/Court Deed/Partition Deed/Gift Deed/Released Deed/Legal Heir/Revocation Deed/Settlement Deed/Rectification Deed/Cancel Deed. Any of these documents to be uploaded 15 Days - Commissioner
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Mutation Fee:
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Mutation Process:

As per the provisions of the Telangana Municipalities, Act, 2019 the name of transferee is auto mutated at the time of registration and mutation certificate issued by Sub-Registrar along with Registration Document, duly collecting the mutation fee. On issue of mutation certificate by the Sub-Registrar, the name of the transferee is auto mutated in online municipal records. The said activity is under implementation from 16.6.2021 (GO MS 31.10.2022).

Mutations prior to 16.6.2021, the property owners can make online application duly submitted registered document and pay the required mutation fee. (G.O.Ms.No.184 MA., dt.28.10.2020) On application for mutation, the respective Municipality / Municipal Corporation will verify and issue Mutation Certificate. Apply Here

Mutations (after 15.6.2021):-
Properties having assessment number ie., PTIN/VLTIN:

Whenever a property owner having assessment number i.e., PTIN- Property Tax Identification Number for structured property or VLTIN-Vacant Land Tax Identification Number for Vacant Land, comes for registration at Sub Registrar Office, the PTIN/VLTIN need to be shared to Sub Registrar (SRO).

Shall pay mutation fee along with registration fee.

On completion of registration, basing on PTIN/VLTIN details, the new property owner name will get auto updated in the Municipality property tax data.

The SRO will provide Auto Mutation proceedings along with Registration documents to the Citizen.

New Property or Property which is not assessed or not having PTIN/VLTIN:

Whenever a new property or property which is not assessed or not having PTIN/VLTIN, comes for registration, basing on property details, property tax assessment is generated along with assessment number i.e, PTIN for structured property and VLTIN for vacant land property.

On completion of registration, an SMS is sent to citizen with PTIN/VLTIN number along with link to download the assessment copy.

The assessment will have affect from next half year.